Those of you that have been following me for a while know that I’m all about the sugar flowers. They are my secret weapon when it comes to wedding cakes, my passion, my life and I love, love, love to splash photographs of them all over my Instagram and Facebook page. I will talk about my love of sugar flowers to anyone who will listen (and yes that does include the little old man in front of me in the Tesco’s queue), I’m totally guilty of reaching into my bag for my Iphone so that I can show strangers my latest sugar flower creations and I really am at my happiest when I’m teaching someone how to make something beautiful to decorate their cake with….

Whilst drinking coffee with a friend the other day however, she asked me if I’d stopped teaching my Two Day Cake Decorating Class. “Well of course not”, I said, “it’s one of my most popular classes, why would you say that??” to which she replied “you never mention that you teach an awesome cake covering class. You run one of THE best classes for people who want to learn all the skills they’ll ever need to know when it comes to cake covering and creating professional looking tiered cakes and you never shout about it”

Actually, she was right!!! I kind of take this class for granted and never sing it’s praises on Social Media. How weird!! So today, I am giving this class the five minutes centre stage that it actually deserves because it really is a good one.

My Cake Decorating Class

This class is a life saver!!! Why?? Because it teaches you everything you could possibly need to know about ganache, icing, stacking and decorating a cake from start to finish. It will give you huge amounts of confidence for when you are back at home working alone and will really help you to up your game when it comes to cake decorating. (and let’s face it, even if it’s a small cake for our five year old son, it still HAS to be perfect) If it’s not, we begin the cake makers dance of picking holes in absolutely everything we’ve just created and end up feeling like a failure… and yes, we all do this, it’s the rules hahah)

We all know there’s quite a lot involved when you’re trying to get the perfect finish to your cake and when you don’t have the skills it’s even more frustrating. Who can relate to a few tears in the middle of the night because the icing is going wrong, the ganache is splitting, I know I can!!! And it didn’t matter how tasty my cake was and how pretty my sugar flowers were, if the icing wasn’t neat and the sides of the cake weren’t straight… the whole project looked horrible. When I first started out with my cakes, that led to much crying, much shouting and many threats of giving up because I just wasn’t good enough (any more bells ringing here haha) I went to a couple of classes, I went on to You Tube and read lots of books and finally, after a whole six months of experimenting, I finally cracked it and worked out how to get perfect results every time!!!

Basically, this little class will teach you everything that I struggled with over that six months, in just TWO days.

Cake Decoration Classes 2019

I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief here, yes, there really is an angel about to take away all of your stress…. She’s called Ali and she’s here to help!! (that’s me by the way)

So, during your two day class, I’ll show you how to split and fill your cake, how to make tasty sugar syrups (to keep your cake lovely and moist), how to make ganache and most importantly, how to apply it to your cake to make lovely straight sides and sharp edges. I’ll show you how to ice a fresh cake AND a dummy cake confidently and create perfect sharp edges. By the end of the two days you’ll also know how to dowel the cake, make royal icing, stack the cakes together and how to decorate them. I’ll also show you how to make a pretty rose, a bud, wired leaves, how to dust them, how to tape everything AND how to create beautiful sugar pearls. Phew, that’s a whole lot of lovely knowledge to go home with eh.….

Back to reality just for a second though, It’s all very well knowing how to do all of this, but what happens when you get home and the icing suddenly rips or the cake won’t level properly. What happens when you don’t have me beside you showing you what to do?? The best way to be prepared for a disaster is knowledge….MY knowledge. I’ll be sharing all my early day disaster stories with you during the class, explaining what might or could go wrong and how to prevent it or fix it. I’ll let you know where to buy everything, who my favourite suppliers are, how to transport your cake and price it too. You’ll go home loaded with lots of printed notes and recipes and of course some tasty cake to eat. Seriously, this is possibly THE best class ever isn’t it??.

And one other thing I need to mention is that this class is a ONE-TO-ONE class. This is such an amazing way to learn and I think everyone has to try it once. No more distractions from other students, no gazing enviously at how quickly the others are learning and no being afraid of asking a question in case it’s a dumb one ( ok you may still want to ask dumb questions but isn’t it much easier when you’re the only student)

I also figured that a class can only be THE best class if it’s affordable, right?? It’s all very well having heaps of information, a patient teacher and a one-to-one class but if you have to pay a weeks salary for it (which you do for most one-to-one classes) what’s the point. I’m always very proud to be able to say this class will cost no more than you’d pay for a large class elsewhere AND is less than half the price of a usual one-to-one…. Yep, I know!!!

My studio is just 35 minutes away from London on the high speed train link and for those driving, 10 minutes from the motorway with plenty of FREE parking.

So, that’s The Cake Decorating Classes five minutes over, I’m back to swoon over my sugar flowers again now. I may be biased but I really do think this is the perfect little class for everyone

Alison Newman The Little Sugar box

My names’s Ali and I am the proud owner of The Little Sugar Box. I started my cake journey about 7 years ago, after falling in love with the idea of making wedding cakes and running my own business. I had no baking skills and no cake decorating skills, just a huge passion for flowers, art and colours and an even bigger desire to be able to make brides happy. Fast forward a couple of years, a whole heap of learning, hard work and several Awards for my cakes my dreams became a reality.

I now run my own cake school and get to teach amazing students from all over the world. Being able to share everything I know and watch peoples happy faces when they finish their project, really is the greatest feeling a person can have. Do I have the best job in the world?? I really think I do.

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Cake Decorating Classes 2019

Find out more about my amazing two day cake decoration class.

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