So…. it’s that time, you are about to make your first ever wedding cake. How exciting!!! Well, no not really, it’s kinda scary stuff isn’t it!!!! So many things to remember and even more things to go wrong (oh and lets not forget the self doubt, there’ll be heaps of that!)

Over time, I’ve realised that the key to making a successful cake is really quite simple… it just takes lots of planning.

Follow these useful tips when making a wedding cake and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is!!!

1 Write a list (and prepare to feel smug)

Not just any old list, a PROPER list!!! With TWO seriously helpful sections, everything you need to BUY and everything you need to DO.

It’s pretty shocking just how many things you’ll need to buy for a wedding cake, boxes, drums, dowels, ribbons, tools and all sorts. Take the time to really think about what you’ll need and buy them ahead of time. Next, write a list of absolutely everything that needs to be done and don’t miss anything out!!! (did I sound strict then haha)

2 Diarise everything

Grab your diary and diarize everything that’s on your list!!! Allocate a time or day for absolutely every single job, no matter how small (yep, even the smallest of things like buying ribbons needs a slot). You’ll be amazed at how much easier everything is when you know exactly when to do it. Make your diary your best friend (this does not mean taking it to the bar for a nice glass of wine and a chat though!!)

3 Have a practice run

If you’re trying out a new buttercream or recipe, don’t even think about experimenting with it during the week of the wedding…. way too much pressure!! Have a trial run well ahead of time just to iron out any issues (and don’t forget to put the trial run into the diary so you know when it’s happening, honestly you’ll be writing me thank you letters for this advice)

4 Plan for disasters

Yep, sounds a bit drastic, but if you’re prepared for disasters they generally don’t tend to happen. For example, if it’s going to be a hot day, will a buttercream cake survive in the heat?? Should it go into a fridge at the Venue?? Will the Venue have space in the fridge for it?? Being aware of what might go wrong really is a positive thing when you’re planning ahead.

5 Transport your cake properly

I still don’t like delivering cakes.. If anything is going to go wrong, it’s often when the wedding cake is sat in the back of the car unassisted. . Pack cakes into boxes carefully, make sure they are on a flat surface and make sure nothing can fall on them. If it’s a long journey, plan for hold ups and leave yourself plenty of time to get there. ALWAYS know where the Venue is, this is super important. A hot, over travelled cake is a recipe for disaster and driving round country lanes looking for an invisible venue is really not the best way to spend your day!!

 6 Call the venue

Always call the Venue a week before delivery day and tell them what time you plan to get there. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a Venue and having to hang around for ages while they set the cake table up for you. (AND give you a few filthy looks for upsetting their morning)

7 Make sugar flowers in advance

Don’t be afraid to make the sugar flowers ahead of time. They can easily be stored in a cardboard box out of harms way once they’ve been made. This is particularly helpful if you’re quite new to flower making and need plenty of time to make them (yep, I remember making one leaf an hour and being proud)

8 Never look at the bigger picture

Never tell yourself you have to make a wedding cake… it’s a recipe for disaster!!!  Look in that super organized diary and just work smugly on one thing at a time!!!

I hope these little tips on making a wedding cake and staying calm will make everything just a little bit easier… good luck and have fun x