Why one-to-one classes?2017-12-12T14:21:02+00:00

I love teaching one to one classes because you get my undivided attention and I can explain everything properly as we go along.  Students learn so much better when they are able to work at their own speed and skill level and as a teacher it’s amazing to watch students discover just how well they are able to do things when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves.

When I was first starting out, I wanted to move on with my skills quickly!! If this is you, one to one lessons are perfect. I can teach you to a really high standard, you can ask lots of questions and gain confidence easily, something that isn’t always possible in a larger group.

My lovely students always go home with some extensive notes for future reference and a beautiful, fully finished project no matter what their skill level.

Which is the right flower class for my skill level?2018-03-23T13:34:01+00:00

Each class has been designed so that students can learn how to create beautiful sugar flowers without having to take lots of classes.  If you are just starting to think about making more advanced flowers or even if you’re a beginner, the closed peony and buds is a lovely class to start with. You’ll build a foundation of new skills and techniques, focusing on how to do things properly, which will help you grow your repertoire of flowers in the future.

If you’d prefer to move straight to my intermediate classes, you don’t require a huge amount of skills though it’s helpful if you have a little taping and wiring knowledge.

I’m often asked what level of skills are required before attending my classes.  I truly believe that anyone can learn how to decorate cakes beautifully and I taught an absolute beginner how to make a sugar Peony to prove what’s possible. Check out the film here.

If you’d like some advice before you pick your flower/class or would like to know the best way of getting to your chosen level, I’ll be more than happy to help as there’s something for everyone xxx

Why does each class not include cake covering?2017-12-13T11:00:04+00:00

Cake covering is a skill all on its own. To create beautiful straight edges, level tops and smooth icing requires practice but most importantly it requires a good understanding of why things don’t always work and how to fix them. A well iced cake will set your work apart from others.
During my one-to-one cake covering class you will learn absolutely everything you’ll need to know about covering cakes and go home able to cover cakes professionally on your own.
Once you know how to ice a cake, the only skills you’ll need to learn from then on are how to create gorgeous projects to decorate your cakes.

How do you manage to keep one-to-one classes so affordable?2017-12-07T14:51:26+00:00

My Students quite often comment that they learn huge amounts during their class and that my classes should surely cost more xx
When I first decided to teach, I wanted to be able to teach students in a thorough, detailed way that was still affordable to them. I therefore had my beautiful little Studio purpose built for very tiny classes enabling me to keep my overheads down.

Could I learn more than one flower project during my class?2017-12-07T14:51:34+00:00

Many students ask this question as it’s lovely to go along to a class and learn several projects all in just one day. Each project that I teach is incredibly detailed and I explain/demonstrate each step very thoroughly. At the end of the class, you will have so many new skills and knowledge under your belt that you will have the confidence to try out different flowers and projects all on your own when you get home. It’s not always possible for me to teach you to such a high standard if we have too many flowers to cram in x

Why are there no baking classes?2017-12-13T11:01:44+00:00

Most students already love baking and have some lovely recipes under their belt. The next step for them is how to decorate their delicious cakes and that’s where we start at The Little Sugar Box … making cakes beautiful.


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